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Aniseed Essential Oil (Pimpinella anisum)

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Aniseed Essential Oil has a sweet, spicy licorice like aroma. When used in Aromatherapy Aniseed Essential Oil is invigorating and mood uplifting and often used to relieve the anxiety of shy and fearful people.

Aniseed (or Anise) is a flowering herb originally native to the Middle East. It is currently grown in Southwest Asia, North Africa, USA and Southeastern Mediterranean regions. It has small white flowers that grow in clusters and produce oblong fruits called Aniseed. Aniseed Essential Oil is produced from the dried Aniseed fruit. The high content of the molecule Anethol causes the essential oil to crystallize at cooler temperatures. If this happens, just place your bottle in a warm location (or hand-warm) and it will return to a liquid form. When this oil crystallizes, it is proof that the oil is pure.

Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum
INCI Name: Pimpinella Anisum (Anise) Seed Oil
aka: Anise Essential Oil, Aniseed Oil, Green Anise Essential Oil, Pimpinella Anisum Seed Oil

Origin: India
Extraction Method: Steam distillation of dried Aniseed fruit.
Main Constituents: Anethole: 88.03%
Aroma Intensity: Strong
Perfumery Note and Strength: Middle/Top Note.
Appearance and Consistency: A light colorless to pale yellow thin liquid. This oil may form crystals during transit or storage. Gentle warming in a warm room and stirring may be required.

Aniseed Essential Oil may form crystals during transit or storage.

Blends with: Bay, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Coriander, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Orange, Petitgrain and Rosewood.

Aniseed Essential Oil should be avoided with the following conditions: pregnancy, endometriosis, breast feeding, liver disease, and damaged skin. Use in moderation as over use can slow down circulation. Avoid using Aniseed Essential Oil with young children. For external use only.

Storage: To prolong the shelf life of Essential Oils and Absolutes, keep away from heat and light in a tightly sealed dark glass container.

5ml (1/6oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Tamper Resistant Dropper Insert Cap
10ml (1/3oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Tamper Resistant Dropper Insert Cap
15ml (1/2oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Tamper Resistant Dropper Insert Cap
30ml (1oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Tamper Resistant Dropper Insert Cap
50ml (1.69oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Tamper Resistant Dropper Insert Cap
100ml (3.38oz) Amber Glass Bottle with Tamper Resistant Dropper Insert Cap
500ml (16.9oz) Aluminum Bottle​
1000ml (33.8oz) Aluminum Bottle

Inhale: Simply open the bottle and inhale, or put a 1-2 drops on a tissue or cotton ball. Add 10-15 drops to an empty personal Inhaler.

Diffuse: Add 5-10 drops to a Room or Vehicle Diffuser.

Mist Spray: Add a few drops to spray bottle with water and use as a room air freshener, linen spray, toner or vehicle deodorizer.

Soap: Add 1-3% to a natural unscented Liquid Soap or other aroma free cleaning products.

Dilute with a Carrier Oil of your choice (3-5%). Apply to your wrists, just as you would use a perfume or use as a Massage Oil. Add directly to your bath, or add to natural unscented shower and bath products. Create your own unique Aromatherapy Creams, Lotions, Massage Bars, or Bath, Body & Hair Care products. (Add 1-3%).

Laundry: Add a few drops to wool dryer balls instead of using chemical dryer sheets.

Sauna: Add 1 drop to hot stones or add 5 drops to a cup of water to pour over stones.

Foot Bath: Pamper yourself with an Aromatherapy foot bath. Add 2-4 drops to a basin of warm water.

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michelle zeilstra

good product.

Mary Kalanuk
Aniseed Oil

Very potent Licorice like scent.

Anise Seed Oil

Soft licorice scent, good for blending

Mary Kalanuk

I won’t even bother shopping elsewhere